My Latest Project

Years ago, a dear friend of mine rechead out, asking for help branding a blog site. At the time I hadn't ever done a full website, from start to finish, on my own.

Two weeks ago she organized a " Zoom girls night" with two of our closest friends. We got to talking, and I suggested she get started on her blog site! Our friend Kourtney suggested she name the site after her late daughter, Holland Grey.

Just over a week later, she debuted her blog site, and branding for her own personal story. is a blog for women, mothers, and all humans with immaculate style.

I asked Maegan to put together a Pinterest board of her "aesthetic", (although I had pretty good idea of how it would look). I designed her logo based off some of her Pins, but mostly based on her story.

The colors express Maegan's spirit. She is cool, calm, and collected; her soul is warm and inviting, and always on trend.

The rainbow represents her family. There are three arches, a large arch representing her oldest daughter, Ella. The middle arch represents her and her partners storm; a dark time in which they lost three children, one of which named, Holland Grey.

The smallest, and final arch represents the calm.
Kash Robert Knight, a rainbow after the storm. A family complete; happy, growing, and stronger than ever.